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General Questions about Airline Reservations


Can I fly one-way or to multiple cities?
Yes! Vacations for offers both one-way and multi-destination travel!

If you are requesting a multi-destination itinerary, you will be able to enter a maximum of five flights for up to eight passengers. Your multi-destination trip can either be an open-jaw or a circle trip.

How will I know my reservation is confirmed?
All existing reservations may be viewed at any time by accessing the My Trips section of our website. You will need your itinerary number and the e-mail address you entered during the request process. From here you can retrieve and print your itinerary (including confirmation of your purchase price) by clicking the printer icon on the top right of the page. This page serves as confirmation of your reservation and also your receipt.

If you do not find your booking in the My Trips section of our website, please contact us.

Why is the itinerary I want not available?
Because airline inventory is constantly changing, we are unable to guarantee the availability or price of any flight until the purchase is completed, especially during peak travel periods and major holidays.

At the time of your flight search, our display shows the lowest fare available from the airlines for the dates and times you requested … but it is possible for someone else to purchase the last tickets at the quoted price or for the airlines to raise the price before you complete your purchase.

Please note, for some itineraries, if you requested a First or Business class seat, it may not be available on all or some of your flights because it either may not offered by your carrier or is not available on the type of aircraft your flight is operated on.

How do I confirm my seat assignments?
You’ll need to call the airline directly. For contact information, please see our “Airline customer service telephone numbers” page.

On certain flights, the airline will allow our site to request seats on your behalf, but these are only requests, and need to be verified with the airline.

How far in advance can I make my airline reservation?
You can make a reservation for your flight up to 330 days in advance of your check-in date!

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