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Escorted  Tours – Tour Italy, England, South America, Africa, or the world on an escorted vacation. Globus, part of the Globus family of brands, has been the leader in escorted tours, travel packages and river cruises for 85 years. Learn more about our adults-only tours and escorted tours…..

Independent Vacation Packages by CMTravelonline (our sister site) – CMTravelonline, in conjunction with Monograms, offers exciting Worldwide vacation packages  ideal for adult travelers who prefer just the right amount of support. You’ll discover over 143 all-in-one independent vacation packages that cover all the details, including hotels, transportation, sightseeing, and services of a professional Local Host. Learn More about Our Vacation Packages.


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Why Vacation With Globus Journeys?

Simply put, a tour is a perfectly planned vacation package.


There’s nothing easy about planning a vacation – the research, the planning, the reservations, the logistics. Add in currency conversions and language barriers and you have one major project on your hands. A tour handles all the hassles, while you have all the fun.

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