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Spa and Wellness Vacations

Spa and Wellness Vacations

1Papaya offers one of the best collection of Spa and Wellness Vacations featuring the Best Spa Resorts, Wellness Resorts and All-inclusive Spas. We specialize in offering flexible spa vacation options for the health and fitness-conscious traveler, who relies on us to save time and provide exceptional value. We invite you to join us as we explore ways to improve your health and wellness, learn the art of meditation and relaxation, with the ultimate goal of improving your way of life. Give us a call at 1-888-330-7377 if you have any question or if you need assistance with planning the ultimate spa vacation. Click here to request assistance with building your spa vacation.


Best Spa Resorts | Wellness Resorts

Spa Resorts


We offer some of the best spa hotels and spa resorts available throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Europe. Our Spa Packages offers plenty of relaxation, great massages and treatments plus a little something more. Most spa packages includes accommodation, daily breakfast and spa treatments.


Spa Resorts & Spa Packages

Wellness Resorts


Our wellness resorts include spa treatments and therapies, healthy eating and culinary events, fitness activities and adventures such as walking tours, hiking, paddling and yoga, inspirational outings and adventures in nature that clear or expand the mind, and educational programs that share ways to incorporate healthy habits into our everyday lives. It can also include voluntourism experiences because “giving back” increases one’s sense of well being and is part of living a wellness lifestyle.


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