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Acapulco, Mexico

Experience Acapulco, Mexico


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Acapulco is the most famous Destination of Mexico with International level, thanks to the natural beauty environment, golden sand, tropical weather, warm sea water and its people.

Sea lovers find this destination so attractive obviously, but it is more than that, it has more attractions to satisfy all preferences for all ages, however.

In the Quebrada, which is a rock formation of 35 meters height over the seashore, you can see the cliff divers’ performance, at night lighted with torches.

La Serpiente emplumada, Diego Rivera´s mural painting, is exhibited in La Casa de los Vientos.

You will remember the majestic sea in Barra Vieja.

In Coyuca Lagoon, observe the different orange and red tones colors at sunset.

In Pie de La Cuesta, the continuous rhythm of the sea will accompany you while walking.

In Acapulco, you find the night cultural life with contrasting beaches, together, where you can swing, take a walk or enjoy the sunset.

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