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Bintan Island, Indonesia

Experience Bintan Island, Indonesia


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Tropical Escape Where Paradise Awaits

Step into a world of tranquility and serenity at Bintan Resorts where miles of gorgeous white beaches, enchanting turquoise waters and gently swaying palms await you. Enjoy the warmth of the sun on your skin and unwind to the gentle murmur of the sea waves.

Bintan Resorts is a tropical getaway located just a ferry ride away from Singapore, making it a perfect twinning destination with Singapore for a city holiday in one and an idyllic island holiday in the other.

Apart from its beaches and aquamarine waters, Bintan Resorts has a wide range of activities and entertainment for those who want more than just bask by the sea.


Tee off from some of the most beautiful golf courses in Asia and watch your ball soar high against clear blue skies, amidst stunning ocean views. Choose from four great golf courses, designed by golfing luminaries-Jack Nicklaus, Gary Palmer, Ian-Baker Finch and Greg Norman.


Leave your cares behind and unwind with the soothing touch of our therapists. With a variety of treatments to choose from, ranging from traditional Asian and Javanese massages to western therapies and natural beauty care, the spas in Bintan Resorts are not to be missed. Choose from any of our six spas, all bearing a unique signature treatment and ambiance.

Water Sports

With its gorgeous beaches and clear waters, Bintan Resorts is the perfect place for water babes and sun worshipers. Take your pick from wind surfing; wake boarding; sailing; snorkeling or jet skiing to name but some.

Nature and Eco-tourism

Explore the experience a myriad of tours showcasing the cultural heritage and eco-logical treasures of Bintan. Not to be missed is the award-winning Mangrove Discovery Tour which takes you into the wonders of Bintan Resorts’ mangrove forest and discover the diverse ecological wildlife that exists beneath the mangrove forest.

Adventure and Trekking

For those who live for adrenalin rushes, Bintan Resorts offers All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) rides through challenging jungle terrain specially designed with sharp turns and thrilling doors for that extra rush. Or you can simply take the ATV for a ride along the beach and feel the rush of wind against your face.

For those who prefer the challenge of conquering a peak, take a trek of the 340-meter tall Gunung Bintan and the surrounding rainforest where you can see trees over 40 meters tall and rare animals such as the silver leaf monkey, sun birds, eagles and kites. Or visit the Bintan Elephant Park, which is home to seven Sumatran Elephants.

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bintan

1. Bintan is 2.5x the size of Singapore
Did you know that Bintan has a land size of approximately 2,402km², which is 2.5 times Singapore’s land size of 716km?

2. The Return of The Lancang Kuning
Legend has it that every 15 years or so, the bow of a prahu (sailing boat) called Lancan Kuning would miraculously surface one-meter above the sand with the hull seen disappearing into the ground at Mayang Sari Beach, Nirwana Gardens. What makes this apparition interesting is that it would normally appear near a tree which local legend had bestowed the honor of having been used by Sri Tri Buana (Sang Nila Utama) to secure his vessel.
It last appeared in 2000, so keep a look out when you’re at Nirwana Gardens next year!

3. Street Art
Bintan has some pretty vivid and interesting wall art which was done by a local artist. These can be seen at Jl Pos Road, near Dermaga Pulau Penyengat (jetty to Penyengat). These 3-D art pieces portray the everyday lives of the local people and offer an outstanding photo-spot for visitors.

4. Petrol Kiosks
The petrol kiosks in Bintan are not open for 24-hours a day. So what do you do when you run out of fuel? Bottles of petroleum are sold at provision shops and road-side stalls. The owners will be happy to serve customers at any time of day or night!

5. Trikora Beach
Trikora Beach is a popular beach on the east coast with white sand and water in exquisite shades of blue. The weekends and holidays are usually packed with locals who come here to relax. You can visit a fishing village nearby and even have a look at how traditional boat building is done.

6. Grotto Santa Maria (Santa Maria Cave)
Situated 20 minutes away from Trikora Beach is the well preserved and maintained Grotto Santa Maria. The 14 stations of the cross, tableaus and a statue of Mary standing on a globe are the main features of this site. On Sundays, devotees come here to pray and sing songs of praise in the quaint little chapel on its grounds.

7. Mini Zoo
There is a mini zoo situated at Nirwana Gardens with residents that include pythons, crocodiles, vultures, a cassowary and even guinea pigs. Some of the animals here were rescued from poachers and illegal animal traders. These animals are cared for at the mini zoo as they would not survive in the wild.

8. Scholarships and Employment at resorts
Yearly, our operations arm PT BRC awards scholarships to local students who perform well at the primary and secondary school levels. Since 1999, more than 5,000 bursary and scholarship packages have been given out. Some of whom are currently working at the various resorts at Bintan Resorts.

9. Tanjung Pinang
Tanjung Pinang is Bintan’s capital city is the largest town of the Riau Islands province and has an estimated population of about 200,000 people. A large section of the town was built in traditional buildings and houses on stilts over the water. There are also buildings and homes with Dutch Colonial architecture dotted across the down-town areas. Tanjung Pinang is known for its local delicacies such as ayam presto,ayam penyat, dried seafood and crackers.

10. Mangroves
There are about 70 mangrove species in the world today, some of which are critically endangered. With Bintan being home to rich mangrove forests, steps have been taken to conserve this precious natural heritage. Charcoal klins, long since out of use, are still found in various places. These kilins were once used to turn mangrove wood into charcoal. Fortunately, this practice has long stopped in many places within Bintan Resorts.

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