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Ethiopia, Africa

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Ethiopia boasts breathtaking landscapes and the rich anthropological heritage of one of the oldest sites of human existence known to modern science. Luxury travel in Ethiopia is most fulfilling for travelers searching for an inspiring and transcendent journey into a new and unknown world. The magic of Ethiopia exudes from the land and the architecture, and 1Papaya’s Ethiopia tours guide visitors deep into the secret past hidden in the crevices of this exclusive country.

Our Ethiopia tours take you through the soaring mountains, ancient churches, sparkling Rift Valley lakes, and traditional festivities of this old and intriguing land. If you can, arrange your luxury Ethiopia vacation to coincide with the Festival of Timket, an ancient celebration still colorfully alive today, this three-day festival commemorates the baptism of Christ and provides visitors with an amazing opportunity to actively participate in Ethiopian culture. Cultural experiences are a real luxury of travel in Ethiopia and it is important to note that most Ethiopians are very religious and follow an ancient branch of Christianity known as Oriental Orthodoxy. While it is important to remember to respect the traditions of their religion, Ethiopians are friendly to foreigners and many Ethiopia tours examine the outstanding examples of religious art and architecture that provide fascinating insight into the country.

Ethiopia Tours
In addition to cultural experiences, private luxury travel to Ethiopia also showcases the abundance of wild birds and other wildlife that call Ethiopia home. Ethiopia private luxury tours can be tailored to any interest. Northern Ethiopia has tours of many important ancient cities such as Axum, Gondar, and Lalibela, which each have countless intriguing sites and attractions to explore. Remote medieval island monasteries off the coasts of Lake Tana, and the nearby Blue Nile Falls, also make for luxury travel in Ethiopia that is extraordinary.

Luxury travel in Ethiopia is nearly impossible without a well planned itinerary and knowledgeable local guides, but Absolute makes luxury Ethiopia vacations a reality. Start your journey to discover this ancient and alluring part of Africa!


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