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Europe Luxury Travel

European travel destinations have inspired love affairs for centuries—with the food, the people, the landscape, the culture. For many, a luxury Europe vacation uncaps an elixir of life, an unmatched joie de vivre that lasts far beyond the final bite of bruschetta, glimpse of the Mona Lisa, or cobblestone path. And how could it not? With a dramatically varied climate and landscape that ranges from the brisk Scottish highlands to the sun-bleached coastline of Southern Spain, the Swiss Alps to the sea cliffs of Cabo Girao; with adventure around every corner from cycling the storied foothills of the Pyrenees to climbing Mount Charmonix; with a food culture that gave rise to Cordon Blue and fondue in equal measure; with metropolitan cities that house cutting-edge design alongside history’s greatest landmarks; with charming hillside villages that ramble through the countryside to ultra-chic seaports that beguile even the most sophisticated traveler; trekking paradises to haute couture meccas, the reasons to return again and again are seemingly endless. With so much to choose from, it may feel at once inspiring and daunting to create your high-end Europe tour. Allow 1Papaya’s luxury Europe travel experts create your dream, custom Europe vacation.



We know luxury travel in Europe: we’ve survived 18 holes on championship Links in Ireland, cycled across 13 countries, visited hidden Soviet bunkers in the Baltics, watched the Northern Lights from natural hot springs in Iceland, floated in the Mediterranean and sailed the Greek isles, sampled whiskey from the barrel and tomatoes from the vine, donned a fermen in Croatia and the softest linen in Venice, and even dined with royals in a castle. For Europhiles and first-time sojourners alike, our insider experiences and wealth of knowledge will unveil a new side of Europe’s classics and introduce you to the hidden gems.

If you are craving sunshine and savory meals, visit Portugal. Our premier luxury European destination is brimming with old world charm, dramatic beaches, and untamed countryside. On a custom Portugal tour you’ll taste olives and Vinho Verde over conversations with the makers, go on wildflower treks through the rolling valleys, and spend leisurely hours on the coast’s rosy beaches between plates of shellfish and Portuguese sweet breads.


Those seeking a rush of adrenaline and breathtaking landscapes will journey to Iceland where fairytale waterfalls, heli-skiing, and puffins exist in harmony. Drop onto snow-capped peaks and carve all the way to the edge of the Atlantic; stay in the renowned Ion hotel, a luxury retreat perched on stilts over mossy boulders; feel your heart soar observing Iceland’s friendly orcas by kayak; and sip cocktails while soaking in private hot springs.

If you’ve shopped Paris and eaten your way through Tuscany, then consider the ultimate undiscovered Mediterranean destination: Croatia. Luxury travel in Croatia promises sapphire waters, local hospitality, and the pulse of history. White-washed brick and red tiled roofs are set-off against a backdrop of impossibly blue waters, giving way to towering limestone karsts and tumbling waterfalls. Ancient walled cities house forts, amphitheaters, and cathedrals. And the open hearted locals are sure to invite in their homes for some unforgettable hospitality.

From classic European luxury vacations to cutting-edge contemporary Europe, our resident Europe expert, Matt O’Hara, is always exploring the continent for the ultimate in luxury travel Europe has to offer. Our Europe private luxury tours are created from extensive on-the-ground knowledge and offer one-in-a-lifetime insider experiences. Whether you dream of hunting for truffles in the Italian forest or joining the burgeoning cycle scene in Slovenia, we’ll lead you to the source on a custom Europe vacation designed around your passions.


Most people visit Europe to see the famous sights they’ve always heard about. But equally important a part of any travel experience is to savor the real flavor of a city or country. Stay where Europeans stay, eat where the Europeans eat, and share the European view of Europe.

No other region of the world even approaches the popularity of Europe as a travel destination. Even for its residents, the cultural density and diversity of this continent offers virtually unlimited opportunities for exploration and discovery. In the last decade, as the division between Eastern and Western Europe has disintegrated, the entire continent has experienced a period of enormous, unprecedented change.


Today a European vacation is a more exciting travel destination than ever before. If you choose an air inclusive package, fly over the country and savor the beauty from above.
Historic landmarks – from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to Rome’s ancient ruins, Europe combines history and beautiful cities across a diverse continent.

Tours and excursions enhance any European vacation –  A wide variety of destinations to match any traveler’s tastes, including England, Spain, Italy, Germany and many more.

Year round appeal 
Uniqueness – European attractions are found nowhere else, from iconic landmarks to Mediterranean beaches.



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