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Experience Fiji

Fiji Vacations

Unspoiled. Unhurried. Uncrowded. Fiji’s 330 islands offer a tranquil tropical paradise. Stay at a luxury Fiji hotel, stroll white-sand beaches or snorkel among shimmering rainbow-colored fish. Filled with warm smiles and sunshine, Fiji welcomes you.

Welcome to Fiji, an archipelagic nation blanketed by alabaster beaches and surrounded by sapphire blue oceans. Luxury travel in Fiji is perfect for a romantic getaway, diving adventure, or a beach vacation with the entire family. With over 300 islands and a fresh balmy climate, Fiji tours beguile visitors with palm-fringed shorelines, crystal lagoons, idyllic waterfalls, verdant rainforests, and vibrant coral reefs. While 1Papaya’s experts often recommend a few days in this turquoise paradise to cap off a Australia and New Zealand tours, we also love a luxury Fiji vacation on its own!

Enjoy your Fiji tour on the beach or underwater, examining brilliant coral reefs and colorful sea creatures in some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling spots the Pacific has to offer. You can also experience Fiji’s marine life above water on a glass-bottomed boat tour with a local marine biologist. Our Travel Consultants recommend a visit to the colorful Savusavu Farmers Market, where locals shop straight from the island’s fishermen and farmers for items like just-caught crabs and hand picked vegetables. Or, take a break from the beach and head to the Waisali Rainforest Reserve for the day, where lush jungle and a freshwater pool await. Watch your children’s eyes light up as they embark on a hermit crab search and show you the straw skirt they just weaved! Whether walking the coast, hiking the lush jungles, or exploring the region by boat, a luxury trip to Fiji is arguably best appreciated for the intoxicating sense of tranquility travelers of any age can appreciate.

Absolute takes luxury travel in Fiji to the next level. Whether you’re seeking an uninterrupted romantic getaway or a family vacation, Fiji is home to some of the world’s best properties, including an award-winning kid-friendly resort. During your private luxury travel in Fiji enjoy a stay at a traditional coconut plantation and eco-resort in Savusavu, where traditional bures (Fijian bungalows) overlook the turquoise waters or opt to stay on your own private island.

Experience Fiji

Great food and lively bars will top off your days of sand and surf, and exceptional spa treatments are all but necessary in a world where time stands still and serenity prevails. Fiji private luxury tours transport you to an ethereal land of enchanting beauty and elegant refinement. Let Absolute take care of the details; inquire about luxury travel in Fiji and prepare for a trip to paradise.


Many sought after experiences are found right here in Fiji, allowing you to check off numerous to-dos from even the most impressive bucket list. Landlubbers and water babies alike will enjoy exploring Fiji’s breath-taking beauty from above or below the surface.

Whether you are an active lone ranger, a group on a quest for adventure, or a family with a pint size daredevil in tow, Fiji truly offers something for everyone. With so much to see and do, try and taste, learn and experience, Fiji can keep the mildly inquisitive to the flat out adventurous active from dawn until dusk.

Decide to get off the beaten track and discover things your own way, or be guided through your experience as part of an organised tour. Satisfy your sense of adventure as you charge down thundering rivers in an inflatable raft or along rugged terrain in an off road buggy; enjoy panoramic views as you parasail over the calm South Pacific Ocean, or turn up the thrill factor and take a bird’s eye view of the islands as you hurl yourself out of a plane and into an adrenalin charged free-fall.

Take a gentle snorkel from shore to explore the vibrant coral reefs, as scuba divers below enjoy the discovery of cryptic reef dwellers. All while the game fishers remain topside searching for an elusive marlin.

Carve your surfboard into iconic waves or gently paddle along our beautiful coastline in a canoe built for two. Play a round of golf on one of Fiji’s challenging championship courses or a take gentle jaunt on horseback at sunset.


There’s a reason so many newly-weds and about-to-be-weds flock to Fiji to celebrate their love. With glistening white beaches, lush rainforests and countless hideaway spots, this is one of the most romantic places on earth. If you want help with planning, many resorts offer great wedding or honeymoon packages to take the pressure off. Whether you’re looking for a wedding venue or somewhere to honeymoon, Fiji is the ideal place to start your lives together.

As a popular wedding destination, Fiji has an abundance of spectacular venues. If you’re looking for something traditional, resorts on tropical islands offer gorgeous wedding chapels or exotic gardens. Fiji is famous for its beachside ceremonies, providing the ultimate backdrop of white sand, blue ocean and stunning green islands. If you’ve got a lot of people attending, getting married on the main island, Viti Levu, is the best option. But for something more intimate, there are countless alternatives on one of Fiji’s offshore islands. Fiji’s magnificent, thick rainforests provide another perfect wedding spot, offering a background of waterfalls and green foliage among the sound of singing tropical birds. Or for something completely different, have your wedding on board a luxury yacht or cruise. Whatever your preference, there are endless options for your perfect Fijian wedding. If you do decide to get married here, you can relax in the knowledge everything is taken care of. Fiji has a number of professional wedding coordinators who can customize your ceremony to your needs. From photography, flowers and food to honeymoon destinations, you can have everything organised for you.

Culture & Heritage

The inhabitants of modern Fiji are of indigenous Fijian background, as well as of Indian, Chinese and European ancestry. Indigenous culture has shaped the nation and is an active and living part of everyday life for the majority of the happy folk that live here. Our unique blend of cultures can be seen throughout Fiji, and in virtually every aspect of your stay – from the food, festivals, rituals and the arts.

Various crafts give us a unique identity that along with traditional etiquette and local architecture tells a story of our culture and its evolution over time. Historical artifacts and documents that depict this story are preserved and displayed within museums and protected as National Heritage Sites. One such site is the first colonial capital of Fiji, Levuka. The town symbolizes a period of influence on the country’s development, deemed so significant to the region, this quaint little port town and her buildings were proudly protected under UNESCO World Heritage listing in 2013. Many more of Fiji’s cultural structures have withstood the test of time to remain an integral symbol of important moments in Fiji’s history. Kava drinking for example, synonymous with life in the South Pacific, is still very much a part of life in Fiji. It is likely that you will be invited to join a kava ceremony during your stay. After the formalities, this is a wonderful way to make new friends and learn a little more about their country. Dig a little deeper and see what you can discover!

Helpful Tips

Here’s some helpful information to help you plan your visit to Fiji. From Climate information, Time Zones, Religion and Taxes.

The temperature

We have two seasons: warm and even warmer. It’s a sunny, tropical climate that’ll wash the winter chills from your bones. That doesn’t mean it never rains here, but you can expect May to November, our cooler months, to range from 19° to 29°c. And from December and April, the temperatures register from 22° to 33°c. Find out more.


Fiji is a very hospitable land of blue-green lagoons, lush rainforests, pine forests, mountains and 1,666 kilometers (1000 miles) of white sand beaches spread over 300 islands scattered across 709,660 square kilometers (200,000 square miles) of ocean.

Time Zone

Straddling the 180th meridian, Fiji has frequently been called “the crossroads of the Pacific”. In fact, the International Date Line has been adjusted so that the entire archipelago falls into the same time zone, 12 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.
From November to February, Fiji moves one hour ahead with its own daylight savings.

Population and Language

Fiji’s population is approximately 837,000 made up of indigenous Fijians, Indians, Chinese, Europeans and other South Pacific Islanders. English is the official language with Fijian and Hindustani also widely spoken.


Fiji is a multi-cultural nation with many religious beliefs. The people are primarily of the Wesleyan persuasion. Various protestant denominations, Roman Catholicism, Hinduism and Islam are also represented.

Local Customs

It is important to dress modestly when away from hotels and resorts and particularly when visiting a Fijian village. Avoid wearing a hat in a village as it is considered an insult to the village chief. It is also insulting to touch someone’s head. It’s best to not wear shoes if visiting someone’s house. When visiting a village it is customary to present an inexpensive gift of ‘yaqona’ or kava to the “Turaga Ni Koro”, the traditional head of the village. Be prepared to shake hands and answer personal questions as to where you are from, whether married; and, if so, how many children.


Fiji is free from malaria, yellow fever and major tropical diseases. Inoculations are only required if travelling from an infected area. There is an effective medical system in place with government and privately run hospitals, clinics, surgical centres, dental service and pharmacies.

Phone calls and Internet

Fiji’s country code is +679. Many hotels and resorts have direct dialling facilities (IDD), and card phones are available in many shops and stores. Look for the Telecom call card signage on display. Fiji is well serviced by local mobile networks including Vodafone Fiji Limited, Digicel and Inkk Mobile. You can also arrange roaming status before travelling here as well as on arrival.
Access to the internet and email is available in most parts of Fiji. In addition to sites at all major hotels, internet cafes are abundant in major cities and towns.

Currency and Banking

The Fijian dollar is the basic unit of currency, available in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. Coins are 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2. Normal banking hours are 9:30AM to 4:00PM, Monday – Friday and 9:00AM to 1:00PM on Saturdays at selected areas. There is a 24 hour currency exchange service at the arrivals concourse at Nadi Airport. ATMs are located around the country and at larger resorts and hotels.


You’ll find many retail outlets here, suitable for traditional tourist shopping. And if you venture a little further, you’ll discover fruit and vegetable markets, overflowing with produce, curio and handicraft vendors, Indian merchandise and specialty gift stores. It’s here that you might find yourself in a bargaining session over price. It’s all part of the experience, so go ahead and enter into the spirit of it.


We don’t encourage tipping, but you may, if you wish, offer extra payment for outstanding service.


The electric current is 240 volts AC 50Hz. Fiji has three-pin power outlets, which are identical to Australia and New Zealand. Leading hotels and resorts offer universal outlets for 240v or 11v shavers, hair dryers and other electrical appliances.


To avoid the introduction of foreign plant and animal pests and diseases, we prohibit the importation of vegetable matter, seeds, or any animal product without a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests.


A 9% Government Value Added Tax (VAT) is applicable to all goods and services in Fiji. Visitors staying in hotels and resorts are subject to 6% Service Turnover Tax (STT) and Environment & Climate Adaptation Levy of 10%.

VAT refund scheme

The Fiji VAT refund scheme allows tourists to claim a refund (subject to certain conditions) of VAT paid on goods purchased in Fiji and taken out of Fiji via Nadi International Airport or Suva Wharf as the final port of departure to a foreign destination.

What are the conditions of the Scheme?
To be eligible for a VAT refund under the Scheme, you must satisfy all the following:

Spend a minimum of F$500 (VAT Inclusive) in any of the approved licensed retailer outlets during your stay in Fiji and take the goods out of Fiji within 2 months from the date of purchase.
Carry the goods with you as check-in baggage or hand luggage.
Purchase the goods from an approved licensed retailer. You must ask the retailer for a refund form and a tax invoice(s) for goods purchased.

So if you are spending over FJD$500 at Jacks, Tapoo etc make sure you ask them for the refund form. The licenced retailer must complete the form and attach receipts.

Customs Duty and Duty Free Concessions
A bona fide passenger disembarking in Fiji is entitled to the following duty and VAT free concessions:

Dutiable goods accompanying passengers (other than alcohol and tobacco products) not exceeding F$1,000.00 in value.
Goods that are owned by passengers and not intended as gifts or for sale – personal effects, household effects for returning residents or intending residents, articles taken out of Fiji on departure on which duty and tax have been paid.

Things to Do in Fiji

Highlighted Experiences
Watch your kids light up as they embark on a frog hunt on the Fijian coast with new friends.
Go sea canoeing or take a sail with a hobie cat for exciting Fiji tours with great views of the shoreline.
Visit a local village and try your hand at the native tongue—greet with “Bula!” for “Hello,” and use “Vinaka,” for “Please” and “Thank You.”
Take a hike or walk through lush rainforests to see wildlife, waterfalls, or enjoy a picnic lunch on a remote beach.


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