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Ancient Greece was the home of Zeus and his fellow gods and you will certainly be reminded of that when you visit Athens’ Parthenon and Delphi’s Temple of Apollo. Greece was also the birthplace of the Games. Other famous Greek births include science, math, philosophy, and democracy. But modern Greece is less a center of learning and more of a destination of simple, happy pleasures. If you want to relax and unwind or socialize and make new friends, this is the country for you. Here you will find delicious food and wine, beautiful beaches, charming villages, an endless coastline, and little islands full of surprises. The myriad of islands in the Aegean Sea offers you a unique chance for island-hopping and partying. The Greek people are very welcoming and famous for their warm hospitality. The landscape of Greece is varied, ranging from cool mountainous regions and coastal hills to plains and sun-drenched, rocky islands.     Visit Mykonos Island Page….



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Luxury Travel In Greece
With stark white cities that tumble into piercing blue waters, it is no wonder Greece is a perennial favorite on “places to go before you die” lists. There are feta-laden meals, turquoise lagoons lapped by the ocean, stellar outdoor activities (diving, volcano hiking, rock climbing), and ancient history to be experienced on a Greece luxury trip. Secret wine caves and unflinchingly cool volcano-summit abodes are waiting for you in Santorini; a glamorous night scene and sumptuous cuisine in Mykonos; ancient monasteries balanced on rock pillars in Meteora; and the stomping ground of Apollo in Delphi. Our connections in Greece will ensure that your luxury vacation to Greece exceeds your wildest expectations.


Luxury Travel In Greece
Greece has mastered all modes of luxury travel: it is over-flowing with chic accommodations; the historical sites are cherished and perfectly preserved with expert historians eager to share their stories; the food speaks for itself—crisp roasted potatoes, spits of braised meats, tangy sauces, creamy yogurt served with fresh honey and local nuts, flaky pastries; the climate is inviting all year round; the terrain is accessible yet exciting with oceans, beach, cliffs, mountains and valleys; and, as the longest living people in Europe, the Greeks know a thing or two about wellness and rejuvenation.

Greece Tours
Sail between the isles on a luxury yacht, hopping-off at ancient ruins, hidden coves, and beautiful villages. Watch the moon rise over the Acropolis. Dine at midnight. Hike the coastline along Santorini’s caldera. Feel like a local in Icaria or Spetses as you hunt for the most beautiful mosaics and unfaltering views. Greece is animated. It’s passionate. It’s not to be missed. Greece is eager to replenish its economy and show-off its sophisticated hospitality industry. Seize the moment!


Greece or, Hellas, is located in the south east Mediterranean with the neighboring countries of Italy to the west, Türkiye to the east and Albania, FYROM Skopje, Bulgaria to the north. The capital city is Athens. Greece, with its varied landscape, is famous for its islands, there are some 2,000 islands belonging to Greece although not all of them are inhabited.

Greece’s climate shows similarity in Spring (March – May) and in Fall (September – November) In both seasons, you may encounter rain, which happens very rarely, more than likely, it will be sunny around 20 Degrees Celcius although the nights may be a little chilly. In Summer, (June – August), the weather is warm and sunny with the nights being cooler. In Winter, (December – February) the weather is most often cold and you may experience rain or, a rare snow fall. In Winter however, there are many sunny days. In conclusion the estimate is that Greece usually has 300 about sunny days annually.  Visit Mykonos Island Page….

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