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Luxury Travel In Kazakhstan


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In a nation founded by Turkic and Mongol nomads, luxury travel in Kazakhstan is characterized by a vast mystery and silent beauty hard to come by in the 21st century. Kazakhstan tours cover some of the world’s last frontiers, and leave you with an appreciation for the country’s endless grandiose and sprawling steppes.


Luxury Travel In Kazakhstan
If you are looking for Central Asian luxury, travel in Kazakhstan may be your answer. A drive through the Kegen Pass will land you in the former capital of Almaty, the country’s largest city and financial and cultural center. As you wander the streets, cafes, and multicultural eateries of this rich European-style city, you will notice that Russian is the language of choice, and that the Kazakh people are incredibly warm and welcoming. Almaty also boasts a number of architectural marvels and Kazakhstan tours should feature visits to a few, such as the baroque-style Ascension Cathedral and the Timurid-style Central Mosque. But beyond Almaty there is much more to see of Kazakhstan, and tours of the nation’s varied natural landscapes can be enjoyed in several locations.

The Aksu-Zhabagly is notably the largest nature reserve in Kazakhstan, flourishing with life and bubbling creeks beside astounding views of the snow-capped Tien-Shan mountains. More adventurous Kazakhstan tours may include a visit to see the world’s northernmost population of pink flamingos, along with some 300 other bird species at Kazakhstan State Park, the country’s wetland paradise.

Kazakhstan Tours
A luxury Kazakhstan vacation is an unique experience in a world most never get to see. Central Asia has only recently opened to tourism, and Kazakhstan remains full of otherworldly attractions few Westerners are aware of that we love to explore and share with our clients. A luxury Kazakhstan vacation is an adventure into new territory and 1Papaya’s insider connections and knowledge of the region make for a remarkable journey to a country so few have explored.


Highlighted Experiences

Embrace luxury travel in Kazakhstan with a relaxing day of tranquility at one of the many popular Russian banyas or Finnish steam rooms.
Visit the wilderness of Eastern Kazakhstan with a trip to the Markakolskiy Nature Reserve, alive with the fresh waters of lake Marcacol.
Catch a Kokpar match in Astana to see Kazakh horse riding at its finest in this strange national pastime.
If winter sports are of interest to you, Medeu is an impressive ice rink and the highest in the world; Chimbulak is also a great option for skiing and snowboarding and can be accessed via cable car from the ice rink.

Why Kazakhstan?
Experience authentic culture of Kazakhstan and feel yourself a real nomad by living in a real yurt, participating in eagle hunting shows, tasting delicious meals of Kazakh cuisine or exploring beautiful nature of Kazakhstan on a horseback. Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia. It has a lot of similarities to its surroundings. However, being the largest country in the region and the 9th biggest country in the world makes it very diverse. It has a very unique nature, culture, and weather.

From north to south and from east to west, each region has its own unique features. From mountains, lakes and rainy cities in Almaty region to the desert in the center to the dry cold cities of the north and west. For instance, you can find wonderful sceneries in the south such as Kaindy or Big Almaty lake or Bozjyra in Mangistau. Kazakhstan. The country inherited the culture of the ancient silk road, Soviet Union which created a special country in a special area. This mixture makes Kazakhstan so different from any other country in the region and in the world.

Furthermore, people are one of the most important aspects that makes this country so diverse. Kazakhstan citizens come from over 100 nationalities which merged to create this unique culture. People have lived in this country for years in harmony with nature and the landscape while raising awareness in conserving it for future generations

Visa-Free Travel
Registration of foreigners, who arrived in Kazakhstan from the states that Kazakhstan has established international agreements with on visa-free regime and stay, is granted for the terms of the visa-free period. When terms are not established, then the registration is granted for the period of no more than 30 days; and for citizens of members of the Eurasian Economic Union – 90 days from the date of entering the territory of Kazakhstan.

If terms of stay do not exceed five days then registration is not necessary. If it exceeds five days then it is mandatory to obtain permission for temporary stay (registration).

Registration of immigrants is carried out by the migration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan free of charge.

In order to register a foreign guest, it is necessary for a legal entity (host side) or the guest personally to submit a list of documents (personal identification document, Kazakh entry visa, migration card, and application form).

Registration can be processed through the electronic government website on the basis of electronic applications from individuals and legal entities, including hotels (attachment to the migration card – a print out with personal data of the guest, date of registration and terms of stay).

Registration of the foreign diplomatic, consular officers and members of their families, officers of the international organisations, individuals invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Remoteness from the oceans and vast territory of the country influence its climate conditions; that’s why the nature of Kazakhstan impresses with its contrasts. Kazakhstan’s climate is extremely continental (except in the south) with average temperature between -4ºC and -19ºC in January, and between +19ºC and 26ºC in July. In winter the temperature can fall down to -45ºC and in summer can rise up to +30ºC. All 4 seasons are clearly distinguishable – frosty winter, blossoming spring, hot summer and golden autumn.

Cold winter
Winter begins in November and lasts until April. The influence of the arctic air mass leads to severe (up to -50) frost.

Short spring
Spring lasts from mid-April to late May. Spring weather is unstable: a clear warm day may suddenly give way to a cooling.

Hot Summer
Hot summer begins in late May and lasts until mid-September. The temperature rises to +35 … + 40 ºC.

Warm autumn
Autumn, with changes in weather conditions and night frosts, begins from the end of September and lasts until the beginning of November.

The hottest temperature was recorded in Turkestan city (South Kazakhstan) +49ºC; and the lowest – in Atbasar town (Akmola region) -57ºC.

By the way, Astana is acknowledged to be one of the coldest capitals in the world, after Ulan-Bator and Reykjavik, but this fact doesn’t prevent Astana from welcoming guests with warm hearted hospitality of its citizens.

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