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Koh Chang, Thailand

Experience Koh Chang


Koh Chang the largest among the 52 islands of Trat, is also the nation’s second largest island, after Phuket. Covering an area of 429 sq. kms., it features fine beaches, coral reefs, and plentiful marine life. It is also rich in natural resources, teeming with hills, forests, waterfalls and streams, the latter being an important source of freshwater. Dotting the island are many fruit orchards.

Most of the scenic beaches and bays are located on the western side, extending from the north to the south. They include Ao Khlong Son, Hat Sai Khao, Hat Khlong Phrao and Hat Kai Bae. A road cuts through the western shore almost all the way to Hat Kai Bae. From here, a nature trail through Ao Bai Lan and Ao Kruat meanders through wet forestland to Ban Bang Bao, a fishing community located at the foot of the hill in the south.

To the east are Ao Sapparot, where a ferry landing is situated, and Ao Salak Khok. Along the eastern shoreline is a road that cuts through to Ao Salak Phet, a community and a boat pier in the south of the island. However, care should be exercised while driving for the roads on Koh Chang are unpaved, with steep hills in some sections. The best places for viewing coral reefs are at Ao Khlong Son , near Koh Chang Noi, and around the islands to the south of Koh Chang.

On Koh Chang itself are several accessible waterfalls. The Khlong Phlu waterfall is located 3 kms. from Ao Khlong Phrao and a further 20 minutes walk from the parking lot. The Khlong Nonsi waterfall is a 4-km. walk from the park headquarter, while the Khiriphet and Khlong Nung waterfalls are about 3 kms. from Ban Salakphet.

Location: Southeastern region of Thailand, near the border to Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand.

Geography:  The interior of the main island, Koh Chang, is mountainous, covered by tropical rainforest.

Rainy season: May to October
Dry season: November to February
Summer: March to April

Activities: Snorkeling, diving, elephant trekking, hiking, waterfall trek, spa, tattoo, bird watching, island, hopping, kayaking, sailing, parasailing, fishing, squid fishing, overnight deep sea fishing, shopping, bar hopping, Cambodia tour, camping, firefly tour.

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