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Mongolia Luxury Travel


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Mongolia’s wild beauty and the charm of its nomadic inhabitants are often overlooked, even by avid world travelers. Perhaps that’s why luxury travel in Mongolia still proves to be such an intimate experience for visitors to this otherworldly landscape, where the vast Gobi Desert batters jagged ranges of snow-capped mountains.

Across the still plains, past the trickling streams and pristine lakes, along the hills, into the towering ranges, and over the dunes of the desert, 1Papaya’s Mongolia tours will bring you the best of what the country has to offer.

Luxury Travel In Mongolia
Luxury travel in Mongolia showcases the marvels of the country and 1Papaya’s Mongolia tours give visitors a true feel for the land and its people. First founded by the great Chingis Khan (known more commonly as Genghis Khan in the West) in the the 13th century, Mongolia is a place where you can feel the emperor’s presence pulsing even today as the descendants of his soldiers maintain their traditional lifestyle living in felt gers, riding horses, and using ancient falconry techniques to hunt their prey.

If you have the luxury to travel in Mongolia during the summer, we recommend the Naadam Festival in July, a great celebration of traditional Mongolian sports. An annual extravaganza of wrestling, archery, and horseback riding, Naadam is a great way to experience Mongolian traditions in action. Customary clothing, sorting gear, and Mongolian food fill the celebration with laughter and excitement, as the spirit of the country glows with life. We also recommend exploring the Gobi during your Mongolian vacation.

Contrary to popular belief, this famous desert is actually teeming with life: lush green valleys are home to mountain goats and eagles and hardy plants manage to survive the heat and dry weather. Or, explore the urban center of Ulaanbaatar or gaze across the vibrant rolling steppes in hopes of catching an unlikely glimpse of the wild Przewalski Horse, an elusive animal once thought to have gone extinct.

Mongolia Tours
No matter when you want to visit Mongolia, tours of this fascinating country will fill you with an appreciation for the silent majesty and sprawling grandeur of this ancient land. The country is an ideal destination for active and adventurous travelers and those seeking to truly get off the grid and have a country to themselves. 1Papaya’s knowledge, access, and connections make us the experts on custom Mongolia vacations, and we look forward to sharing this incredible land with you.

Highlighted Experiences

  • Explore the shores of Lake Hovsgol to watch stunning birds migrate to their northern breeding grounds.
  • Take a safari by jeep, camel, train, kayak, and/ or canoe, stopping at nomadic camps along the way.
  • Check out the Choijin Lama Monastery and the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts to get a feel for the historic art and Buddhist treasures in Ulaanbaatar.
  • Enjoy a homestay at a camp inhabited by herders of domesticated reindeer near the Siberia border.

Mongolia is a landlocked country located between China and Russia. It is a vast emptiness that links land and sky, and is one of the last few places on the planet where nomadic life is still a living tradition. Mongolia may have various geopolitical, cultural and geographical meanings. Mongolia consists of historic Outer Mongolia. The province of Inner Mongolia is geographically and politically separate and located in northern part of China, yet it borders Mongolia.

With only 1.7 people per square kilometer, Mongolia has the lowest population density among all independent countries in the world, and it is this vast and majestic emptiness that is the country’s enduring appeal, bringing the traveler, as it does, into a close communion with nature and its nomadic inhabitants.


Mongolia is known as the “Land of Blue Skies,” and with good reason: there are about 250 sunny days throughout each year, so good sunglasses are necessary.

The weather is bitterly cold during the winter, dropping down to -30º C in some parts. The weather during the summer varies but it is generally hot. Outside of the Gobi desert, this time of year is marked with rains in some areas and cold nights.

Although most travelers choose to come to Mongolia between May and September, with the highest tourist peak in July during the Naadam holiday, other seasons can also be excellent for travelling. For the culture and the beauty of nature without crowds, shoulder seasons from March to May and September to November are best. October is a very good time to visit, and November is not too late to travel to Mongolia. It is still warm during the days but chilly at nights.

For visitors not afraid of cold, travelling to Mongolia from November till the Lunar New Year is still an option. Winter tourism is a developing area of the Mongolian tourism industry. The most rewarding experience will be visiting the nomads, and observing singing, dancing, wrestling and winter horse racing during “Tsagaan Sar”, the traditional (Lunar) New Year celebration.

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