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South Coast, Jamaica

Experience Jamaica’s South Coast


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Explore a jungle river in the wild wetlands. Pick mangoes high on a hilltop. Catch and cook your own red snapper for dinner. Or golf at the Manchester Gold Club, the oldest in the Caribbean. Ramble through hills without ever retracing your steps. Discover hidden beaches where you’ll never see a footprint other than your own. Marvel at majestic cliffs that rise from the sea.

A journey through the South Coast begins with 19th-century sugar plantations around the seaport town of Savanna-La-Mar. Enjoy the Georgian architecture along High Street in Black River. This old seaport town also offers a chance to experience a great deal of Jamaica’s fascinating wildlife. A knowledgeable boatman will take you on the island’s longest navigable river and into our largest protected wetlands. Crocodile are complimentary!

Visit Lovers’ Leap. Delight in the stunning view from the 1600-foot cliff and ask your guide how it got its name. Hike to the top of YS falls and take time to swing into cascading waters, Tarzan-and-Jane style. Or just find yourself a secret bathing place around Treasure Beach. Eating escoveitched fish at Border, savoring the spicy peppered shrimp at Middle Quarters or blending your own rum at Appleton Estate are some of the temptations the traveler must face.

Jamaica South Coast

Contemplate majestic Bamboo Avenue on the way to Mandeville. This mountain resort with its cool temperatures and crisp air prides itself on its trappings of tradition as well as its richly appointed residences. Move on to nearby Christiana, which its 2,750 feet above sea level and where the gardens will always be in full bloom. Nature tours are available to better take advantage of the spectacular views.

From the lush mountains to the rugged coastline, you will find the south coast isn’t just another shore. It’s where you will uncover another fascinating world.

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