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St Barths

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Jewel of the French Caribbean, St. Barthélemy (St. Barths) is a celebrity favorite. Small and unspoiled (8 sq. miles), this exquisite island with a French flair offers a relaxed and restorative break. Its sublime sunsets, fine dining options, and designer boutiques add to its laid-back vibe. And its tropical landscape of soaring mountains and pristine beaches offer a range of activities—from windsurfing and kitesurfing, to sailing and snorkeling. Whatever your choice, our travel advisors can custom design a St. Barths vacation package perfect for you.

Affectionately abbreviated as St. Barts, this secluded nook was originally named by Christopher Columbus for his brother. Today, the most notable association made of this eight-mile island is as a playground for the world’s elite, where luxe villas are hidden in steep hills and beachfront accommodations put snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, sailing, and fishing within steps. Impressions yachts line the harbor in Gustavia, and fabulous duty-free shopping for the finest in couture goods is never far. Premier French dining meets fresh local seafood, and this European nation’s influence is apparent everywhere, with ingredients imported twice weekly.

More than a dozen public and free beaches bring visitors back to a Caribbean state of mind, and the live music from spots like La Plage, Nikki Beach, and others exist to entice you to mingle with other international vacationers and VIPS.

Top Things to Do in St. Barths

Go under the sea in style
Travel under the sea surface in a comfortable submarine. Come face-to-face with the stunning variety of marine life without getting wet.

Explore the beaches
There are beaches ideal for surfing, water sports, festivities and even watching sunsets…explore them all.

Go shopping in Gustavia
This main port is all about fine living. Stroll by the yacht-filled harbor, shop for European fashion in designer stores, and indulge in a cuisine of your choice.

Dive and snorkel
Explore the variety of snorkeling and diving spots. Sea turtles, barracudas, parrot fish, and tons of coral are all aplenty just offshore.

Sail away
When in St. Barths, sailing is a way of life. Rent a yacht or hop on a sailing tour to enjoy the best of this Caribbean island.

St. Barths at a Glance


Tipping Customs:
10-15%, if a service charge is not included.

French, though English is widely spoken.

Popular Drink:
Ti-Punch – a Rum-based cocktail

Must Eat:
Crème Brûlée – A French classic

Power Up:
Plug type E 220 V

The climate is tropical, hot all year round.

Best Time to Visit:
December-April, when it’s dry and relatively cool.

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