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Delve into the heart of Central Asia as you travel in Uzbekistan with 1Papaya. While you’re following the old Silk Road, savor insider experiences, intricate Islamic art and architecture, unique cultural interactions and a host of unforgettable moments on one of our Uzbekistan luxury tours.

Explore ancient Khiva on foot, including the Tash-Hauli Palace, the Dzhuma Mosque, the Kunya Ark, and the well of Khievak. Follow the route taken by Silk Road camel caravans through long stretches of the Kyzyl Kum desert. In Bukhara, discover Central Asia’s most ancient living city, including the imposing Ark Citadel, which is now a fascinating museum.

See the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shakrisabze, the birthplace of Tamerlane. In regal Samarkand, explore the wonders of Registan Square, the centerpiece of the city, and enjoy a visit to the private studio of a local fashion designer. The capital of Tashkent offers grand monuments, the famed Museum of Applied Arts and an unforgettable visit to the workshop of a master ceramicist.

Throughout your travels along the Silk Road in Uzbekistan, we’ll be right there with you, making sure your journey is authentic, innovative and utterly unforgettable.


Best Time to Visit:

Uzbekistan is best visited during spring and autumn (April to May, and September to early November). During these periods, it’s typically warm and dry, and you can enjoy the heat of this desert region without it being uncomfortably hot, as it can be during the summer months.

Things to Do in Uzbekistan


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