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Hotel Stays – Search for hotels and save money with your hotel stays. Vacations for Adults along with its sister sites CMTravelonline and Travel is SWELL offers great hotel stays with the best hotel rates just for you.  We provide hotel services, hotel information, comments of people who has been in the hotel and maps. Search for hotels by price or search by style.

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The Leading Hotels of the World understands the finer points of hospitality and luxury. Indulge yourself in a lifestyle of luxury at one of our 5 star hotels and the unparalleled comfort they offer. The Leading Hotels of the World’s featured hotels cater to the discriminating few, where first class service is a norm rather than an exception. The Leading Hotels of the World features small luxury hotels, resort hotels as well as world-renowned stately hotels offering all the possibilities for family getaways, romantic escapades and business meetings. Whether you need accommodation for business or pleasure, The Leading Hotels of the World will have the perfect solution for you.

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Our special relationship with our hotels allows us to guarantee that you won’t find a better publicly available rate anywhere else.

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Whether your ideal destination is a resort in Costa Rica or a palace in the Italian countryside, we have something for you AND we’ve quality tested it 800+ ways in the last year. Honest!

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From helping you develop an itinerary to arranging a ride home for you from the airport, Leading can help you get the most out of every step of your trip.

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