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Red Lane Spas recognize that each individual is the architect of their own vitality and well-being. We offer a variety if health-oriented classes throughout the day at each of our spas, including power walks, beach jogs, aquacize, aerobics, toning and stretch classes, and yoga. And since a tranquil environment inspires the spirit to find its center, we provide serene sanctuaries where our guests can unwind and experience the true harmony or nature as they lounge in luxurious pure cotton robes. While all Red Lane Spas embrace a common philosophy, each has its own personality… meaning you have more than a dozen different way to travel the path to personal renewal.

We live our lives at warp speed, rushing from one family or work obligation to another. No wonder it can take the first few days of vacation to completely unwind. Need help slowing down to island time? Most Sandals and Beaches Resorts offer luxurious European-style spas with an extensive menu of services that make it simple to get yourself renewed and radiant.


The moment you enter these restful retreats adorned with rich marbles, the deepest red mahogany and the relaxing scent of lemon grass, a feeling of security overtakes you. Every care and concern is left outside our walls, leaving you free to experience true inner harmony and peace. We’ve created a world where pampering takes a thousand forms, from blissful meditation gardens to exotic Oriental hot and cold plunge pools. And if you so desire, we can transport you beyond our private sanctuary, to experience nirvana in settings that embrace the beauty of the Caribbean, from seaside serenity under a spa tent to garden gazebos and more.

You’ll notice that within the tranquil environment of the spa, your senses are pleasantly stirred by the enveloping aura of lemongrass: a Sandals and Beaches signature scent. Reputed to relax the nervous system, the essential oil of this tropical plant has long been used by islanders as a traditional home remedy. Sandals and Beaches‘ spas combine this delightful fragrance with soft lighting and strains of soothing instrumental music – an idyllic ambiance in which to surrender your day-to-day cares and simply let go. Once you’ve been greeted, shown to the lounge, invited to sip some herbal tea, and given the menus of enticing services, you’ll be well on your way to bliss!


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