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Sandals, Beaches and Grand Pineapple Resorts feature 19 spectacular resorts on the Caribbean’s best beaches!




Every Sandals, Beaches or Grand Pineapple Beach resort sits directly on a stunning beach, on six of the most gorgeous islands in a region famous for its endless white sand expanses, exquisite turquoise waters and romantic sunsets. From Jamaica’s warm reggae pulse to the Bahamas’ sophisticated beat and from Saint Lucia’s volcanic majesty to Antigua’s exotic allure, Sandals family of resorts provide the best beach resort experience in the Caribbean in a glorious all-inclusive package. Make Sandals your destination for luxury beach vacations.


Discover Antigua

Famous for its 365 spectacular beaches, Antigua is one of the Caribbean’s premier destinations. From famous Dickenson Bay to the hundreds of seldom-explored coves and white-sand inlets that run the entire distance of Antigua’s winding coastline, couples can find that perfect beach they have always dreamed about. It’s also known for hosting the world’s foremost regattas during the annual Sailing Week. Sun worshippers, honeymooners, and beach-goers alike flock to its powdery white-sand beaches caressed by clear aquamarine waters, balmy breezes, and coral reefs ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving. Experience the remarkable natural bounty of this pristine hideaway with our all-inclusive vacations in Antigua.

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Discover the Bahamas

The 700 islands that make up the Bahamas holds a special magic found nowhere else in the world – and the crystal clear waters that surround these islands are perfect for leisure swims, scuba diving, and every type of water sport. Nassau is known for its casinos, Junkanoo festival, duty-free shopping and exotic adventures, while the Exumas draw those seeking more outdoor pursuits, including boating, swimming with the pigs, sport fishing and snorkeling. Explore this quintessential island paradise with our all-inclusive vacations in the Bahamas.

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Discover Barbados

Barbados is home to exotic locales, a rich history, and an extensive variety of sports and activities. With a spectacular landscape that changes dramatically from one town to the next, each locale possesses an equally sundry pace, offering activities and entertainment for nature lovers, club-goers, and adventurers alike. Escape to this exotic gem on an all-inclusive vacation in Barbados, where deep caverns and monkey-populated forests abound against the setting of rocky cliffs, white-sand beaches, and sparkling seas. And while you’re here, experience the exclusive indulgence of our two Luxury Included® adults-only resorts, featuring Sandals first ever rooftop pool, first craft beer garden, and gourmet dining at 18 unique restaurants.

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Discover Grenada

Home to both black-sand and white-sand beaches with water so blue and clear that coral formations can be spotted from the air, Grenada’s volcanic origin has created a landscape of great beauty and variety, with rain-forests, a 13-acre crater lake, cascading cliffs, and hot springs. Located in the southeastern Caribbean, the tri–island state of Grenada is made up of three islands, Grenada being the largest. Explore the natural splendor of the Island of Spice with our all-inclusive vacations in Grenada. Learn about its rich history and explore its many spectacular dive sites, including the world’s first underwater Sculpture Park, 15 shipwreck sites, and more.

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Discover Jamaica

Jamaica is home to a magnificent landscape of rolling mountains lined by endless white‐sand beaches, covered by lush foliage and crisscrossed by streaming rivers and cascading waterfalls. Capturing the essence of this enchanted paradise, our all-inclusive vacations in Jamaica feature the warm hospitality and natural beauty this country is known for. Featuring some of the world’s best beaches, such as Negril’s Seven-Mile Beach, amazing scuba dive sites, and exciting experiences including adventure tours, championship golf, and world-class dining—is it any wonder that Jamaica was ranked in 2019 the #1 Caribbean Destination and the #14 Best Destination In The World.

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Discover Saint Lucia

Discover Saint Lucia

If there was ever an enchanting place created, it’s the island of Saint Lucia. It’s found in the fiery passions of its ancient volcano, the serene abundance of its rainforest and the rhapsodic charm of Marigot Bay. Even the twin peaks of Les Pitons, the island’s iconic landmark, pair off as beautifully as two people in love. Experience the exotic allure of this island paradise with our all-inclusive vacations in Saint Lucia. Experience three magnificent adults-only resorts that feature the most alluring tropical views, over-the-water luxury, and exciting adventure tours that let you explore tropical rainforests, watch dolphins and whales swim, and more.

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Discover Turks and Caicos

Discover Turks & Caicos

Our all-inclusive beach resorts are always set along the most beautiful, unspoiled and alluring white-sand beaches in the whole Caribbean. You′ll also find us located on the calmest, most protected shorelines—and that’s completely by design. Where surrounding canyons of live coral reefs soothe the tides and gentle trade winds provide a cooling respite from the sun. We′re proud to be the safe keepers of these pristine environments, so it′s only natural that each resort has been awarded with the internationally coveted Earthcheck Certification.

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